Aerial Subscriber Node - Skyline


ASN Skyline

The Aerial Subscriber Node is a compact and secure solution for installing pre-terminated drop cables for FTTX applications.

The Node is developed to provide a separation between network build and the customer drop. Housing the drop connectors within the Aerial node ensures that optical connectivity is both cost effective and secure.

Optimised for fast deployment, the closure can be supplied as standalone unit ready for splicing or as a Pre-tailed closure ready for faster rollouts. 

Pre-terminated connectorised drop cables can then be installed at a later date without the risk of access to the delicate 250um fibres. Up to 24 drop cable customer connections can be offered from a single enclosure.

Features and Benefits

  • Impact resistant enclosure
  • High Quality Hinge Mechanism
  • Durable Sealing Clips
  • Separation of spliced feeder cable from connectorised drop cables
  • Up to 24 customer connections
  • 4 x Multifibre entry Ports
  • 24x Drop cable Ports
  • IP55
  • Secure, tamper proof cover
  • Physical separation of Splicing area and Customer Drop Connections
  • Pole or building facade mounting features
  • Low profile
  • Range of colours


Product Sheet

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