Microduct Assembly Cutter


Hci Ldk19501 04



Microduct Assembly Cutter, which cuts micro­duct assemblies up to Ø42 mm.


Double Sheath Cutter




Cutter to use when dismantling the outer sheath of a double-sheathed HDPE multi­duct (direct buried).

Single Sheath Cutter – Small




A small and handy tool primarily for removing single-sheathed tight protected ducts.The tool is also useful for removing the sheath from most traditional fibre optic cables. The cutting depth can be adjusted from 0 to 2.5 mm.

Single Sheath Cutter


Hci Ldk19501 05

A universal tool primarily for removing single-sheathed tight protected ducts.The tool is also useful for removing the sheath from most traditional fibre optic cables.  <Ø40 mm assemblies



Duct Sheath Cutter


Duct Sheath Cutter Ldk19502

Used for quick and easy removal of any sheath from tight protected microduct assemblies. This is an excellent tool, particurlarly for performing mid-span access.

  Technical Information
Design: Sheath cutter for microduct assemblies
Capacity: Up to Ø50 mm assemblies

Knife for Sheath Removal of Thick Walled Ducts


Hci Ldk19501 01

This knife is especially suitable for safe sheath removal on thick walled duct assemblies. The tip is rounded to avoid the blade cutting the micro­ducts insisde the assembly. It is also safe to use since the risk of accidentally cutting hands is minimized.

 Technical Information
Design: Knife for sheath removal
Type: For thick walled duct assemblies


Multi Purpose Knife for Cables and Ducts


Hci Ldk19501 09

This handy knife is suitable for a variety of operations. 

 Technical Information
Design: Multi-purpose Knife w. hook


Tool for Tearing up Microducts Longitudinally - The “Snail”


Hci Ldk19501 02

Ideal tool for removal of temporary microducts. Temporary microducts are typically used to create a continous blow path through closures or similar.

 Technical Information
Design: Micro cable slit cutter
Type: For temporary microducts


Micro Cable Inner Tube Opener


Hci Ldk19503 1

The sheath cutter is intended for cutting the inner tube of a micro cable. The cutter is delivered with three straight blades and one round blade. It is possible to adjust the cutting depth to the different thickness of cable sheaths with a small Phillips screwdriver.

 Technical Information
Type: Micro cable inner tube opener
Capacity: Up to Ø3 mm tubes


Micro Cable Sheath Cutter


Hci Ldk19503

Used for removal of the sheath on micro cables. The tool is delivered with three straight blades and one round blade. Adjustable cutting depth.

 Technical Information
Type: Micro cable sheath cutter


Microduct Cutter – Small


Microduct Cutter Ldk20803

Provides a clean and straight cut necessary to perform a smooth duct splice prior to the mounting of microduct snap-in connectors. The cutter is locked in its closed position for safe handling.

Technical Information
Design: Microduct Cutter
Type: Compact
Capacity: Ø3-12 mm


Microduct Cutter – Pliers


LDK 1950103

This microduct cutter is used for cutting micro­ducts prior to the mounting of microduct snap-in connectors. The tool can cut ducts with dimensions up to 20 mm.

Technical Information
Design: Microduct cutter
Type: Blade pliers
Capacity: Ø3-20 mm

ABF Stripping Tool


Ldk19501 08

This compact and low-cost tool is used for safe, quick and easy removal of the acrylate coating on air blown fiber (ABF). 

 Technical Information
Design: ABF stripper
Type: Compact
Capacity: Ø1-1.4 mm (2-12 fibers)


ABF Stripping Scissors


HCI ABF Stripping Scissors LDK19501 07

Used for removal of the outer sheath on air blown fibre(ABF). The scissors are also a handy tool for various applications. The two grooves on the upper side of the scissors are used for sheath removal.

Technical Information
Design: ABF stripper
Type: Scissors
Capacity: Ø1-1.4 mm (2-12 fibers)


Duct Expander


Hci Hldk19505 1

The tool is used to expand the microduct ends. The expansion facilitates proper mounting of microduct end caps, NDK12103. The expander has a slit to be able to expand the duct even after the installation of an air blown fibre in the duct. For better grip the duct expander can be mounted on any handle that holds hex head bits.

Technical Information
Design: Duct expander
Type: Hex head bits
Capacity: For microducts ID Ø3.5 mm


Duct Shaper


Ldk19501 10

The tool is used to make the duct end perfectly round before the assembly of microduct connectors. This will minimize the risk of fibres or cables getting stuck in the connector.

Technical Information
Design: Duct shaper
Type: Plastic tool with round head
Capacity: For microducts ID Ø2-10 mm