Fitel Ninja Fusion Splicer

Key Features

FITEL Splice Holder

Spacious splicing chamber

The NJ001 is one of the most user-friendly splicers in the field thanks to its wide splicing chamber in relation to its size. Compared to its predecessor (S123C) there is 4 times more space around the fibere holders for easy fibre loading.

fusion splicer lamps

3 LED lamps

With a light intensity of > 300 Lux, 3 LED lights illuminating the entire splicing chamber make it easier to perform work in a dark environment. The light on the V-groove is 6 times brighter than that of its predecessor (S123C).

V-Groove Splicer

The industry's first detachable V-groove

The NJ001's V-groove is detachable for easy cleaning and optimal maintenance.


Key Features

  • Wide splicing chamber
  • 3 LED lamps
  • High propulsion motor
  • Rugged and compact hand-held design to endure any kind of environmental conditions
  • Internal battery charging
  • Applicable for Splice-On-Connector (SOC)
  • 100 cycles (Splicing & Heating) on a fully charged battery
  • Easy maintenance


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