Ultra-Lightweight Aerial Cable

• Up to 48 fibres
• Super lightweight and durable design based on unique miniature loose tubes
• For aerial installation or duct installations
• Bend resistant G657A1 fibres
• Dry design with longitudinal water tightness
• Suitable for use with a minimum vertical separating distance of 1.8m from 11kv
• Controlled tensile breaking force for maximum security, less than 2000N
• 7mm cable diameter


The Hexatronic Ultra-lightweight cable range is designed for
aerial installations for fibre access networks. As a secondary
application, the cables can also be installed underground in
ducts. The cables are designed to fulfil all requirements to be
installed in the British Telecom overhead and underground


The cables are of a loose tube design with bend resistant
G657A1 fibres organised in 4 or 12 fibre miniature loose tubes
depending on cable fibre count. This design gives an excellent
bend performance and an extremely wide operational
temperature range. The unique miniature loose tubes also
provide superior cable preparation and handling properties
both for termination and midspan access scenarios.
Water swellable elements are used to make the cable design
longitudinally watertight. Two pairs with 3x0.32 mm brass
coated steel wires are used as strength members. The design
makes it possible to control the breaking force of the cable so
that the cable will break only when a certain load is reached.


Data Sheet

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Ultra-Lightweight Aerial Cable Handling featuring the ASN Part 1


Ultra-Lightweight Aerial Cable Handling featuring the ASN Part 2