Supplier Relations

Suppliers play an important role in Hexatronic Group's strategy to deliver value to our customers. Our suppliers need to be reliable, responsive, innovative and deliver high quality products and services that are cost effective. We strive to build strong relationships that benefits both parties.

Unless otherwise agreed, all our purchases are made according to Hexatronic Group's General Purchasing Conditions.



We take a holistic approach to sustainable development. This means respecting and protecting the environment, human rights, employee rights and good business ethics. We strive to continuously improve our operation and comply with rules and relevant requirements in all areas. Our intention is to work with suppliers who share our values when it comes to sustainability and business ethics. As a supplier you need to understand and comply to Hexatronic's Code of Conduct.

If you discover any infringement of our Code of Conduct, either within in your own operation or at Hexatronic please use the following link to report



To support us sufficiently, you also need to have a Quality system (preferably ISO 9 001 certified).



Hexatronic provides solutions within the fiber optic cable infrastructure, for telecom companies. Information and communications technology are providing ways to reduce environmental impact. However, we recognize that there are environmental impacts connected to our operations and we work to reduce our environmental impact, focused on our products, packaging, waste and our transports. We cannot successfully keep track of and reduce our environmental impact without considering the entire supply chain. Good supplier collaboration is of great importance in these efforts.


All suppliers need to comply with Hexatronic Group's Supplier environmental requirements.


More information and links to documents can be found on Hexatronic Group's Supplier page.